DL.1 Digital Light Support
User Manual [pdf] 4.0 MB Updated 10/12/06

Technical Data Sheet [pdf]
Distance / Image Size Chart

Camera Installation [pdf] 1,301 KB

DL.1 Lamp List

Software Downloads
Latest Fixture Firmware (1.5.6.r) [zip] 150 KB
Fixture Software Version Notes:

  • Improved camera white balance functionality
  • Improved zoom operation
  • Implemented LX-55 projector communications

Echo Upload Software

WinUpdate Module use with the Parallel Port Dongle

                           [Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/VISTA] 1.33 MB

DL1 Projector Communicator Software [zip] 33.2 KB
Projector Communicator Software Version Notes
The Projector Communicator application communicates with the projectors used in the DL1 lighting fixture using RS-232 commands and queries. The application is intended to run on Palm OS® version 3.1, and later, enabled handheld computers.

Connection between the handheld and the projector is accomplished with a standard RS-232 HotSync® cable, a null modem adapter and the projector’s remote control cable. The null modem adapter in this case is a male DB9 to male DB9 adapter that swaps pins 2 and 3, and connects pin 5 straight through.

Replacing an Exploded Lamp [pdf] 889 KB
Replacing a Projector [pdf] 648 KB

CAD Symbol Drawings


Parts List, Pricing, and Ordering Information

Voltage Location Type Part Number
All MPS F1 5A Fast 90402016
All Motor Power 5A Slow 90403012

Model Type Part Number
DL1 5 Pin 60010001

Technical Support
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