What the Pros Say About the Hog 4 Family

Operator Ross Williams, MTV Music Awards

Email to development team"Hi all Im sure you have heard by now that our show in Frankfurt was a huge success with the Hog 4. It was so nice in the heat of the moment with all that adrenalin rushing around not to worry about the desk or what would happen on the next button press, macro or page change. Things were stressful enough as it was, but console-wise I was totally at ease. I wanted to personally thank you all for your support and efforts behind the scenes that made this possible."
via Facebook"Im very pleased to report on a great experience with the Hog 4 this past week in Frankfurt. 702 fixures over 30 universes with no major issues running 18 hours a day. Exciting times!"

Oli Metcalfe, LD/Operator, Muse

via Facebook"Show 3 on HOG 4 tonight. Such a joy to use! Lightning fast GUI and some really quite nice new features. I await my new playback wings. Full Boar relegated to backup, the future is here! Those HES boys at all costs are ensuring that it works! Shes certainly holding herself and Im chuffed to be able to use it in a challenging environment with lots going on"

Stephane Mocret

"As, with Kontact France, we had an exhibition I finally be able to see and test the Hog 4 during 2 days and half with Jens and this is an amazing console! All my congratulations to the team! It is superb and really well designed! The finish is really fantastic and it returns an image of power and reliability. With Jens we tortured it during two days without any chrash, it is really stable and useful! I love all new features.
We planned major projects in 2013 for the Hog 4 and 80% of the activity of Kontact France should cover the console!

Congratulations again to the entire team for the Hog 4 family, you have done a wonderful job!"

Colin Wood, LD, Santa Claus The Musical, Grand Theatre, Marina Bay Sands Resort

"Using the Hog 4 console was a fantastic experience, everything just worked exactly how it should and the new increased speed was very noticeable. The ease of use of the Hog 4 made it ideal for working in the pressurised environment of theatre, where time was very tight. I needed to be able to produce not only exciting effects quickly but also satisfy the more subtle requirements of this production and the Hog 4 delivered on every level.

The entire system worked flawlessly from start to finish and Id like to thank all of the team at both High End Systems and Arcus Lighting for their hard work and support."


Testimonials updated December 21, 2012

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